Gay Pride's Wild Ride

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“The court has taken sides in a culture war.” That’s what Justice Antonin Scalia said after last week’s ruling that struck down sodomy laws in Texas and nationwide. The ruling has many declaring a definitive end to the culture wars, chalking up a smashing victory for the gay rights movement.

For some conservatives, it is recognition that using hellfire and brimstone to rail against a lifestyle that many Americans have come to accept may be the wrong way to go. For gay activists, it is a time to celebrate, to plot and plan next steps. While some think same sex marriage is the next frontier, others say most Americans are not ready to walk down that aisle and instead, gay activists should pick another fight, in the workplace for example.

So what’s next, are they going to the chapel? The future of gay rights in a divided America.


E. J. Graff, author of What Is Marriage For? The Strange Social History of Our Most Intimate Institution

Jonah Goldberg is the editor at large of the web magazine National Review Online