Rethinking Islam

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Islam is a religion of peace. No, it’s a religion of the sword. Devout Muslims lay claim to both declarations, sometimes justifying, sometimes condemning,
often just trying to explain Islam. Over the past year, the conversation has become an urgent debate, as many Americans look for a place to lay the blame for September 11.

Muslims in the U.S. find that their faith now affects their lives in ways few could have imagined a year ago. Nighttime knocks on the door, and authorities demand answers to question that might have seemed racist – before.

Yet still, from abroad and from within the mosques in the country, the fury and hatred toward America can easily be heard. Islam, militancy, religion and ideology.


Ebrahim Moosa, associate professor, Islamic Studies, Department of Religion, Duke University

Daniel Pipes, author of “Militant Islam Reaches America”

Ali Asani, professor of the Practice of Indo-Muslim Languages and Culture, Harvard University